Restaurant Jean Sulpice

Jean Sulpice’s cuisine is in tune with his self-determining and genuine potrait, anchored within the Savoy region and filled with the riches of the mountains.His tasty creations relate to his love for nature and wide open spaces. A pure, bold and deep-rooted cuisine.


Jean Sulpice

At the age of 38, Jean Sulpice, who grew up in the mountain pastures and summits, discovers lake Annecy during his first years as a cook.It was during this period that he met Magali too, who worked as a wine steward at the Eridan inn, she then became his wife and the mother of their two children.Third-generation in a family of restaurateurs, Jean Sulpice intensely and simultaneously subsists two of his passions: wide open spaces and gastronomy.His cooking skills recapitulate these qualities.

A spontaneous, precise and balanced cuisine, which reveals the authentic flavor of sophisticated products, aromatic herbs, to create authentic regional delicacies. For 15 years, at an altitude of 2,300 meters, at the highest resort in Europe, Jean Sulpice has succeeded in offering gourmet cuisine at high altitudes. He was rewarded with a first Michelin star in 2006 and a second one at the age of 32 in 2010.He is also a great Relais et Châteaux chef.

Keeping up with the seasons, the strict choice of neighborhood products, subtle variations around wild herbs contribute in defining forthright and genuine meals, that are full of freshness and innovation.



Jean Sulpice’s cuisine is pure, bold and vibrant, anchored within the Savoy region and filled with riches of the mountains.His creations are influenced by his love for nature and wide open spaces as well as his travel experience and encounters.This fascinating place, between the lake and mountains, devotedly endorses Jean Sulpice’s cuisine.He draws inspiration and independence from there, to create dishes with clear and unique flavors.

Meals are served from 12h15 to 1h30 pm and from 7h15 pm to 9h30 pm. Elegant dress code is appreciated

We are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from december, 10th 2018 to february, 13th 2019



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