The 1903 Restaurant

Restaurant in Talloires of Chef Jean Sulpice

In the bay of Talloires, the "1903" welcomes you in its convivial setting. Enjoy an authentic and comforting cuisine, where Chef Jean Sulpice preserves the soul of the Auberge by joigning the contemporary and of olden times cuisine - also known as traditional.

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plat du restaurant le 1903

The 1903 Restaurant

an authentic cuisine

Here you are at the heart of an authentic gastronomy, where fundamental values at the table are essential: sharing, smiles, sweets. At the 1903, the delicious cuisine is refined and inspired by the bourgeoisie of yesteryear. A temporality that directly echoes Jean Sulpice’s origins, it brings him back to its roots of cook. Now, at the 1903, he links his personality to the Bise legacy; paying homage in the plate to those who gave him the passion for taste.

In the spirit of constant celebration of the French gastronomy, of our inspiring terroir, take a seat for lunch or dinner. Inside, you will all have the choice between intimate tables or a large bar. In good weather outside or on the terrace, you will be surrounded by the mountains of Lanfon and the sumptous bay of Talloires will impress you.

Practical information
  • Open every day.
  • Lunch from 12:15 to 2:30 pm. Dinner from 7:15 to 9:15 pm.
  • Reservation only by phone : +33 (0)4 50 60 48 02

Adress : 303 route du Crêt – 74 290 – Talloires-Montmin

Restaurant le 1903 à Talloires
menu du restaurant le 1903
terrasse du restaurant avec vue Lac d'Annecy
Menu et carte du restaurant
plat du chef au restaurant le 1903
bare du restaurant le 1903 à Talloires

Traditional dishes

restyled by Chef Jean Sulpice

The “1903” gathers different influences of the French terroir, thus at the tip of your Opinel, you will find essentials such as the Gratin of Crayfish Tails or the Marjolaine of Marguerite Bise, revisited by Chef Jean Sulpice. Here, one delights in the savoury notes, concocted and assembled to charm the guests: Turbo with saffron white butter, St-Jacques served with a sabayon of Ceps, Celery Risotto with Yellow Wine…

Hearty sharing cuisine. Chef Jean Sulpice reveals his culinary knowledge by offering rich and authentic dishes, refined and inspired. Located at the heart of an exceptional natural arena, the “1903” offers – with the Gourmet Restaurant – a remarkable delight in the mouth. Visiting or on holiday, for a moment out of time, delight in a joyful cuisine, a savoury arrangement in which the terroir expresses itself in harmony.

"The 1903 is as demanding on quality than a gourmet restaurant. Only the plates and the ambiance are simpler."

Terrasse du restaurant avec vue Baie de Talloires
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