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the creator’s brand.

Olivier Claire skin care products draw their effectiveness from the synergy and high concentration of the best active ingredients from the sea and land.

Sunstainable’s brand


KOS PARIS is committed to respecting and protecting the environment and people. cosmetics that are both natural and effective.






1 heure 45 min / 280€

The ultimate in Olivier Claire anti-aging expertise.
The concept: a holistic, plant-based treatment, specially created to restore firmness and vitality to the skin. It boosts cellular activity thanks to the synergy of rare and precious natural active ingredients.
The results: a reshaped face, remodeled contours, a sublimated and intensely regenerated skin. Scientifically proven results, immediate and long-lasting, on all signs of aging.

MOISTURIZING YOUTH CARE – “the porcelain” Signature facial

1 heure 15 / 210€

The effectiveness of customized care.
The concept: highly concentrated in plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, this treatment, applied by expert therapists, oxygenates the epidermis and stimulates cellular action to strengthen and preserve the skin’s youthfulness. This signature treatment consists of a double relaxing and decongesting massage, first manually and then using cold porcelain spoons, to redefine the contours of the face.
The results: intensely moisturized, plumped skin and a redefined oval. A divine treatment with an unequalled cellular action.



45 min / 160€

Duo of shock.
The concept: naturalness and effectiveness of exclusive formulas, rich in natural and rare active ingredients.
The results: a sublimated, radiant complexion, restructured and revitalized skin.

This synergistic action offers the skin scientifically proven results, immediate and amplified over time, on all signs of aging.
More than a treatment, a true cellular rebirth.



1 heure 45 / 300€

Complexion radiance treatment and softness wrap – tonic drainage.
The concept: a double experience in a single treatment for a complete and immediate effect on the face and body. The combination of draining gestures and a Gentle Body Wrap with exclusive formulas, rich in active plant ingredients.
The results: light legs, a luminous and smooth skin, a renewed well-being, energy and vitality.



1 heure 45 / 300€

                     Energizing massage and facial – Korean ritual

The concept: an invitation to travel, combining the ancestral rituals of body and face massage techniques with oxygenating, revitalizing ingredients.

The results: improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety. This treatment will leave you in a state of complete fulfillment.



Take time for yourself
Let yourself be lulled by our expert hands where our only priority will be your comfort and enjoy a massage that will rid you of the harmful, like a bubble.


THE PANSY – customized massage – letting go, absolute well-being

25 min / 90€
45 min / 160€
1 heure 15 / 210€

The concept: a gentle sensory escape thanks to a personalized touch and the therapist’s technical gestures combined with soothing plant ingredients.
The results: the skin and the entire body relax and unwind. A comforting experience for a real reconnection between body and mind, to find oneself.


THE SUNFLOWER – customized massage – cellular awakening

1 heure 15 / 210€

The concept: a cocktail of stimulating and detoxifying plant active ingredients, which act in perfect synergy for an instantaneous invigorating effect on the cells, toning and draining therapeutic gestures.
The results: a rebooted energy, a revitalized body, an intensely revitalized skin.



THE MINT – Deep Tissue/ cryo tonic massage

1 heure 15 / 210€

Le concept: the expert will provide you with toning and relaxing movements, followed by draining movements with fresh cryogenic spheres.
The results: a feeling of lightness and deep muscle relaxation.



THE VERBENA – gentle exfoliation

1 heure 15 / 210€

The concept: the combination of natural powders to exfoliate, fresh sunflower pollen to detoxify, and rose hip oil to nourish. And, an invigorating floral water mist of verbena diffused during the entire treatment to increase the sensorially of the scrub.
The results: a skin as new, toned and revitalized, taking full advantage of the regenerating virtues of sea fennel.



gentle exfoliation and customized massage – new skin effect

1 heure 45 / 250€

The concept: an exfoliating treatment to refine the skin texture, eliminate dead cells and awaken the muscles, followed by a long-gesture, gentle massage to soften the skin and release accumulated tension.
The results: a deep relaxation of the body and mind, a newfound serenity. And, at the same time, a smoothed, moisturized and luminous skin.



THE HAY – Signature massage of the Auberge du Père Bise

1 heure 45 / 300€

The concept: the treatment begins with a foot bath ritual associated with relaxing movements. Followed by a massage adapted to your needs, using hay ball massage to the sweet fumes of the region’s hay.
The results: a treatment that promotes relaxation and the elimination of toxins, revitalizes and regenerates from head to toe.




All our treatments can be given in a same room



Take care of yourself in complete serenity
Manucurist offers treatments with the most natural ingredients possible. All products are made in France. Beauty can rhyme with health and it is with confidence that we put you in good hands with the calluspelling from Mavex Switzerland…


Classic varnish application    15 min / 30€

Semi- permanent varnish application    45 min / 60€


HANDS Beauty

Manucure  “Essential”      25 min / 30€

Complete care      45 min / 60€


FEET Beauty

Pedicure  “Essential”      25 min / 30€

Complete care in “PediSpa” – Calluspeeling by Mavex Swiss Pedicure System®      1h15 / 120€



A quest to escape and meet one’s deepest self. An immobile journey beyond borders, to breathe, to feel. A personalization of the well-being to the physical and spiritual awakening



The treatment is given by Magalie Bilhou, a qualified teacher, upon reservation and according to availability, at the rate of 210 € for a treatment lasting 1 h 15.
The concept: Magalie starts the session with relaxing cranial manipulations and acupressure points allowing a relaxation and an opening of the body. The session continues with foot reflexology where all the zones of the feet will be untied, stretched, smoothed in order to evacuate toxins and release energy knots.
The results: a deep energetic work from the head to the foot leading to a total letting go.




Sessions are given by Nathalie Rigal, a qualified teacher, on Fridays from 9:30 to 10:30 am followed by access to the wellness area until 11:30 am at a cost of 60 €.
Sophrology is a well-being method that combines breathing, relaxation, visualization and positive thinking. In a few minutes you will be able to manage your stress, calm your emotions and release your body tensions.



 sessions are given by Aurélie Caron on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am., followed by access to the wellness area until 11:30 a.m. at a cost of 60€. Pilates is a method of strengthening the deep muscles responsible for posture. It’s a discipline that enhances awareness of the body, its strength and its limits, so you can get to grips with it better.


Sessions are given by several certified yoga teachers  on Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am. am followed by access to the wellness area until 11:30 am at a cost of 60 €. Ying Yang Yoga is a series of slow sequences followed by a sequence of postures with the aim of an organic practice leading to physical and mental relaxation.

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