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Youth collection by Menard

The taste of excellence at the service of true beauty

As true reference since 1959, Menard relies on nature and science to preserve the beauty and health of the skin. Thanks to a unique sensory know-how an innovative natural active ingredients,
their facial care products will relax your body and mind…




Face care – women

Intense moisturizing care FERMETÉ

45 min / 150€

Redensifying, thanks to the extract of Casablanca lily and hyaluronic acid which will amplify the hydratation of the skin and give a new youthfulness.

Anti-ageing care SARANARI

1 heure 15 / 210€

Firming, toning and moisturizing, thanks to highly concentrated EXTRESH MASK with peony extract, caffeine and hyaluronic acid and a specific MENARD relaxing massage.


Anti-Ageing supreme care GLOBAL REGENERATING

1 heure 30 / 230€

Exceptional regenerating redensifying care thanks to the natural active ingredients ; the red reishi and black reishi that will promote cell renewal which care line used is EMBELLIR.
After a specific MENARD modelling, we apply the mask AUTHENT which will act on the stem cells and stimulate their renewal.


Revitalizing care for MEN

45min / 150€

Moisturizing, toning care that refines the skin texture thanks to the BEAUNESS care line which is formulated based on natural hot springs from Japan and the association of three plants (the love cork tree, the marjoram, and the rehmannia root).

Nature collection by Exertier
The taste of the Alps at the service of well-being

Remain anchored in our terroir and continue to enhance its richness, an essential step that is part of our history. We have selected for you Exertier- Treasure of the Alps which offers natural care products cultivated and formulated in the French Alps.

The face

The Porcelain

care signature of the Auberge du Père Bise

1 heure 15 / 180€

An exceptional, intensive and complete treatment, perfect for boosting youthfulness. This regenerating care will stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Composed of a double relaxing and decongesting massage perfomed with chilled porcelain spoons followed by a gesture to redraw the contours of the face. This natural therapy, based
on alpine orchids, relaxes, drains, firms and restores radiance to the skin instantly.

The Honey
“radiance” moisturizing ritual

45 min / 150€

A moisturizing care based on Honey with a creamy texture brings a deep relaxation thanks to the different pressure points stimulated on the face and the skull. A massage performed with a gua sha, a 100% natural jade stone will optimize blood and energy circulation for luminous skin and
absolute hydratation.



The body

The Meadosweet
full body treatment

1 heure 45 / 250€

A skin regeneration combined with a meadowsweet body scrub picked by the team Sulpice. This exfoliation will be followed with a body sensorial massage thanks to the signature oil of the Auberge infused with flowers of the Alps and their virtues of soothing and revitalizing.


The Hay
care signature of Auberge du Père Bise

1 heure 30 / 280€

A unique treatment developed by Exertier- Alps Treasure that takes you to the heart of our mountains and invites you to deep relaxation. You will be greeted by a milk foot bath scented with Meadowsweet, the flower of our mountains with draining virtues, to awaken your senses for a perfect harmony of body and mind. Then enjoy a slow and relaxing full body massage with the sweet
scent of wild chamomile, accompagnied by warm and moist hay bags for an optimal feeling of well-being.


The Candle
relaxing massage

45 min / 150€

1 heure 15 / 180€

Discover a unique treatment, combining escape and ultimate relaxation, thanks to the soft warmth of the candle with its relaxing scents allowing your mind to escape and your body to release its tensions. The warm wax will deeply nourrish your skin.


The Mint
cryo tonique massage

1 heure 15 / 180€

An ideal treatment to recover after an intense physical effort composed of a massage based on mint essential oil combining firm and toning movements, stretching, draining and relaxing movements permormed with cryogenic refrigerated spheres. An intensely fresh sensory experience to revive blood circulation and regain all the lightness your body needs.


The thought
custom made massage

25 min / 80€
45 min / 150€
1 heure 15 / 180€

A treatment designed for you, to awaken all your senses and perfectly meet your expectations. The spa therapist identifies areas of tension and adapts her gestures to your needs in order to rebalance the body’s energies, release tension and thus regain deep relaxation. Your treatment is unique, just like you.


The Tui Na
energetic massage

by Oceane, graduate of chinese therapy

1 heure 15 / 180€

A massage inspired by traditional chinese medicine, the “Tui Na” takes into consideration the body, the mind and your vital energy. an assement and a diagnosis are carried out, the massage disolves muscle tension, brings calm, ernergy and serenitu. Your body is rebalanced.


All our treatments can be given in a same room

45 min / 280€
1 heure 15 / 350€

Beauty collection by Manucurist
Taking care of yourself in serenity…

Manucurist offers you treatments with the most natural ingredients possible. All products are made in France. Beauty can go hand in hand with health, and you can be confident that you are in good hands…

Classic varnish application    15 min / 30€

Semi- permanent varnish application    45 min / 60€


HANDS Beauty

Essential      15 min / 20€

Complete      45 min / 60€


FEET Beauty

Essential      15 min / 20€

Pedi Spa with Calluspelling ®   1h15 / 100€



Essential hands beauty with semi-permanent varnish application   1h15 /  100€

Essential feet beauty with semi-permanent varnish application      1h30 /  150€


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